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The Africa Centre of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology is seeking to employ competent candidates to fill in the following positions:

  1. Project Manager
  2. ICT officer
  3. Driver
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ACENTDFB Covid-19 Samples Testing Lab

Take a tour of our well equipped Covid-19 Samples Testing Laboratory

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What we do

Research for Healthier Life

Research leading to development of drugs and vaccines for control and eradication of neglected tropical diseases: Trypanosomiasis, Lymphatic Filariaisis/Onchocerciasis and Rabies.

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What we do

Capacity Building
and Training

Training courses to impart skills and improve capacities of personnel involved in the health sector.

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What we do

Center with a Vision.

Providing a reliable template to address problems of NTDs and related issues and their impacts on the socio-economic and health of communities in concerned developing countries.

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ACENTDFB is poised with a responsibility to conduct research that would illuminate complex molecular interactions between host and parasite with a view of developing potential vaccine targets and improved molecular diagnostics and identification of parasites in Trypanosomiasis, Filariasis and Rabies.

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Graduate Program

ACENTDFB graduate students would be distributed equitably among the three core research focus of the programme. Graduate students are supervised in a multidisciplinary approach to enable translational driven research.

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Workshops, international conferences on NTDs and training programs on diverse topics in molecular biotechnology will be held not only in Nigeria but also in Cameroon, which will involve scientists from the international partners.

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ACENTDFB Covid-19 Samples Testing Laboratory.

Take a walk around our Covid-19 testing lab located in the ACENTDFB, Ahmadu Bello University, Kaduna State, Nigeria.

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Our Research Areas

Research activities of the Centre are mainly directed on the following tropical diseases: Trypanosomiasis, Lymphatic Filariaisis/Onchocerciasis and Rabies.
Other diseases recently included are Trachoma, Dengue and Schistosomiasis.
Research is also ongoing in the area of forensic science with emphasis on genetic profiling.



One of the focus of this reseach is on molecular identification and characterization of trypanosoma parasites and to research into DNA-based vaccines using molecular targets capable of disrupting the life cycle of the parasite identified using novel approaches of molecular biology.

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Our research unit, “Filariasis”, will carry out research focused on diagnosis and distribution of Filaria parasites in Nigeria and the sub-region. Vaccination experiments with other NTDs (trypanosomiasis and rabies) will be used to investigate this effect in novel DNA- and/or bionanoparticle-based vaccination strategies.

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A key objective that will be pursued in this research area is to build on the existing groundwork for the development of recombinant DNA vaccine for rabies, anchored on the knowledge of circulating genotypes that is safe, stable and effective, in view of the problems attendant to the existing vaccine.

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The Africa Center of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology was established in collaboration with the World Bank to drive Molecular Research and innovations on:

1. Novel standardized molecular diagnostic tools for the characterization of these parasites in their natural habitats which would be used to map the burden and distribution of the pathogens in the region.
2. Developing and maintaining pathogen sample and strain repositories.
3. To develop a vaccine development facility for innovative vaccination approaches on animals of economic relevance
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Meet Some Principal Team Members

The best minds in various fields in Biology are working with us to provide healthier life for all.
You can join our team of researchers and give Africa a chance against tropical diseases.


Prof Y. K. E. IbrahimCentre Leader


Prof Mohammed MammanDeputy Centre Leader


Prof H.M. InuwaDirector, CBRT


Prof Junaidu KabirProject Coordinator, ACENTDFB

Study with us!

Our students are provided with hands-on training on modern research facilities.

ACENTDFB is the only institution in the West African region that runs postgraduate degree programme in biotechnology targeting neglected tropical diseases that currently number 20 according to the World Health Organisation. The Centre currently runs the following degree programmes:

  • MSc and PhD Biotechnology with focus on Neglected Tropical Diseases
  • Post graduate degree diploma (PGD) in Forensic Biotechnology
  • MSc Forensic Science is planned to commence in October, 2019
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Africa Centre of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Disease and Forensic Biotechnology is a wold bank sponsored program.

Our Programmes

There are three programmes run under the auspice of ACENTDFB which are domiciled in Department of Biochemistry i.e. PGD Forensic Biotechnology, M.Sc Biotechnology and Ph.D Biotechnology