Main Objective

The M.Sc. and PhD degree programmes have as their main objective the production of manpower with skills in various aspects of biotechnology to solve relevant societal problems.


To be considered for admission into the M.Sc. progammes, the applicant must satisfy the following requirements.

  1. Applicants must have five (5) credit passes including English language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
  2. A first degree in Biochemistry, any Natural Sciences, Agriculture or Human and Veterinary Medicine or Pharmaceutical Sciences with at least a second class honours of Ahmadu Bello University or
  3. An equivalent degree from another University recognized by Ahmadu Bello University.
  4. At least two favorable letters of recommendation, one of which must be from the applicant’s previous academic adviser.

Duration of Programme

The progarmme shall run for a minimum of FOUR (4) semesters and a maximum of SIX (6) semesters.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Course work: For the purpose of the M.Sc. written examination, the courses are organized in course units and are divided into core courses and electives. For the successful completion of the coursework aspect of the M.Sc. programmes a student is required to take and pass all the taught core courses (24 CU) and a minimum of six (6) CU of elective courses.
  2. Research: Research for the M. Sc Degree normally takes 12-18 months to complete. The research may run concurrently with some credit courses from the second semester of the study or after the first one year of course work.
  3. Seminar / Examination

Candidate must demonstrate orally complete mastery of basic theoretical biochemistry as well as successfully defend his/her research findings and dissertation before a panel of internal and external examiners.


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Africa Centre of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Disease and Forensic Biotechnology is a wold bank sponsored program.

Our Programmes

There are three programmes run under the auspice of ACENTDFB which are domiciled in Department of Biochemistry i.e. PGD Forensic Biotechnology, M.Sc Biotechnology and Ph.D Biotechnology