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The Africa Center of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Diseases and Forensic Biotechnology was established in collaboration with the World Bank to drive Molecular Research and innovations on:

1. Novel standardized molecular diagnostic tools for the characterization of these parasites in their natural habitats which would be used to map the burden and distribution of the pathogens in the region.
2. Developing and maintaining pathogen sample and strain repositories.
3. To develop a vaccine development facility for innovative vaccination approaches on animals of economic relevance
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Africa Centre of Excellence for Neglected Tropical Disease and Forensic Biotechnology is a wold bank sponsored program.

About Us

ACENTDFB is poised with a responsibility to conduct research that would illuminate complex molecular interactions between host and parasite with a view of developing potential vaccine targets and improved molecular diagnostics and identification of parasites in Trypanosomiasis, Filariasis and Rabies.